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About Engcotec

Modern solar technology is based mainly on the work of a small number of companies and individuals and their relentless work in research and experimentation towards the goal of clean and sustainable energy for future generations.

Engcotec, founded in 1987 by Engineer Mr. Samak, specialized in renewable energies, and especially in photovoltaics. Today, after more than two decades of international experience, Engcotec has built up a successful and solid business around PV systems. The company's focus is the design, manufacture and execution of projects in the field of renewable energy (especially in solar energy), PV technology systems, building-integrated PV systems and the use of solar energy in developing countries as a means of supporting the countries' developement.

Tailor-made project consulting, project execution, on-site training, project follow-up and maintenance from a single contractor are the core competence areas leading to satisfaction of each customer's requirements.

Engcotec's philosophy is to combine technical expertise with a high level of personal service. The Engcotec label is a guarantee for quality, reliability and value for money.