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Engcotec Projects and References in Photovoltaics

The company has accomplished a large number of projects since its establishment. Many of its large-scale projects have set standards for their time. The following projects are only some examples:


Numerous EC and German Government contracts:

- European Commission: Programme Thermie Action B - Feasibility Study of large applications of low cost energy efficient PV systems for save lighting of phone boxes

- European Commisssion: JOULE SME Exploratory - Sensor Lighting Long Distance

- European Community: Photovoltaic electricity generation in cooperation between Europe and developing countries - Scheme for Large-Scale Implementation of solar home systems in South Africa (1996)

- EC Thermie B Action PV demonstration and training systems

- Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie - Two PV facades for Training Centres in Cairo

- BmBF: Development of an autonomous solar-powered air-conditioning system


Institutions and universities all over the world with complete PV projects:

- University of Applied Science, Trier/Germany

- Vocational Institute, Sri Lanka

- Vocational Center, Islamabad/Pakistan

- University of Niamey, Niger

- University of Mauritania


Engcotec maintains close relations with major research and developement institutes, for example:

- University of Stuttgart

- Fraunhofer Institut, Freiburg

- University of Hohenheim

- ISET Institut für solare Energieversorgung Kassel