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Engcotec Solight® Solar Warning Lights

Engcotec Solight® Solar Warning Lights have enjoyed an immense success on the market since their introduction at the beginning of the 1990s. These systems have been constantly improved by the Engcotec engineering team.



The new generation LED is a low intensity obstruction light with a guaranteed lifetime of 100,000 hours, 5 times longer than conventional lamps. An intelligent electronic management device adjusts the operational period according to the level of visibility, the standard operational period being set for between dusk and dawn.

Solar-powerd Obstruction Light Systems



Aviation hazard warning lights have been erected over high tension lines in all Egypt (Middle of Delta, West of Delta, Cairo, Alexandria, North Upper Egypt, South Upper Egypt, Canal Zone)

Flashing Light Units: 212 systems

Continuous Lighting Units: 654